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Parenting is a tough job. Good parenting skills and respectful relationships, I believe, are a result of several factors – understanding and processing of our own childhoods, concern for the parent-child relationship we are building with our offspring, and the willingness to look at some new, and perhaps different ways of viewing children and discipline. Parenting skills, like other skills we acquire, can be learned.

I have found that parents’ hearts are in the right place – we all want to do this job successfully, and we want to raise healthy, successful people – we just haven’t been given the skills that serve us well in today’s society. Parents often have no training in the stages of child development, and as a result, frequently have unrealistic expectations of children’s understanding and behavior, and of how to discipline in a way that makes sense to the child.

Most of us were raised with the paradigm (belief system) of behaviorism as well….a belief in which we truly think that the only way children do better is feel worse. One of my favorite quotes on parenting from Jane Nelsen is ‘where did we ever get the crazy idea that in order for children to do better, we first have to make them feel worse? Children do better when they feel better.’

On the following pages, we discuss how you can have a respectful relationship with your children or children in your care. Please read to your heart's content and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me here.

Parent Child Relationship
This page discusses the Parent Child Relationship and how and why the ‘job’ of parenting has become so much more challenging for families over the past 50 years.
Good Parenting Skills
This page talks about Good Parenting Skills and understanding development and how important that is for parents.
Definition Of Discipline
The definition of discipline as teaching, rather than hurting. Discussion of Adler’s philosophy of discipline, and mention of Jane Nelsen’s books in terms of age-appropriate discipline.
Discipline Styles
The two most common discipline styles are authoritarian, and permissive. Positive Discipline uses a third style, called authoritative or democratic.
Babies Brain Development
This page discusses babies brain development, and the importance of consistent, nurturing, responsive care. The page also briefly discusses infant development.
Toddler Discipline
This page discusses normal toddler development and behavior. Included are good parenting skills and how to handle toddler discipline when dealing with temper tantrums, ‘no’ and ‘me do it’.
Preschool Behavior
This page talks about preschool behavior and development and gives parents some general information about discipline.
Teenage brain development
This page discusses teen behavior and teenage brain development. Included is the emotional development phase that teens are in and encourages parents to understand their need for some independence.
Research on Early Brain Development
This page describes the recent research on early brain development, resulting from the ability to actually look at how the brain works.
Attachment In Children
This page addresses the importance of attachment in children. It includes the difference between bonding theory and attachment theory. Attachment theory is then explored.
Insecure Attachment
This page discusses the various forms of insecure attachment that can occur when infants do not have consistent, nurturing care in their early lives. It discusses the three types of insecure attachmen
Children and Trauma
This page discusses Children and Trauma and the impact of chronic trauma, in the form of physical or emotional abuse and how this impacts the child’s brain development, learning and behavior.
Adult Attachment
This page discusses earned adult attachment. Adults with insecure attachment as children can develop secure attachment by reflecting on their childhood experiences, and how these impacted their past.
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